International award winning photographer, Wendy Spinelli, creates children and family fine art to bring warmth, beauty, and joy to your heart and home.


"...Amazing talent and I consider her portraits best in the industry, I highly recommend Wendy Spinelli!" - Becca Rose


Spinelli Portraiture creates canvas portraits with only the finest quality materials and craftsmanship.  We have two different finishes to choose from to fit your personal taste.





Photographic Finish

Expertly Retouched photographic look for the contemporary home.


Painted Finish

Hand Painted by our artist to give your art an old world look.


Your Wardrobe


Trust us. You want to make this portrait special - and nothing feels more special then dressing for the occasion.




Dress as if you were going out to a fine restaurant, wedding, or formal ball.


  • Everyone should wear the same or similar colors.  Color unifies everyone and creates a greater sense of harmony. Muted tones work best whereas bright tones distract from the mood of the portrait and faces of individuals.


  • Men - tuxedo or suit and tie.  If you have facial hair, make sure it is groomed appropriately. 

  • Ladies - muted toned dress or gown with little or no patterns. Classic jewelry such as diamonds or pearls are encouraged.  Hair, make up, and nails are expected to be in good order and professional hair and make up is highly recommended but not required.  Very short hemlines and heavy skin exposure will distract from your face and date your portrait quickly due to trendy fashions. 


  • Young Girls - Dark or muted solid dresses. Light pinks, cream, or off white are also acceptable for younger girls, about 5 and younger.

  • Young Boys - Same as men or a button up solid colored (white will be most timeless) shirt with tie and dress pants. A solid colored sweater is acceptable as well. Lighter colors are acceptable for younger boys about 5 or younger.

Ballet, equestrian, and musical instruments are also encouraged for your portrait.



Please contact us for pricing or any other questions or concerns, we are happy to talk with you!  509.593.5000

Sessions are held at the Historical Davenport Hotel monthly.

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