Dress Code

As a notable studio, our space is  tailored to fit a classic and timeless look for your family.  It is strongly recommended that you follow our dress code to make your portrait successful.


  • We want to make sure that your face is the focus of your portrait. Please dress in darker or muted tones for a look that will not detract from your face and still look classic 20 years from now.

  • This is often times the only portrait if this sort people get to experience in their lifetime so we suggest very formal attire. Dress as if you were going out to a fine restaurant, wedding, or formal ball.



  • Men - Dark tuxedo or suit and tie.  If you have facial hair, make sure it is groomed appropriately. 

  • Ladies - Dark or muted toned dress or gown with little or no patterns. Classic jewelry such as diamonds or pearls are encouraged.  Hair, make up, and nails are expected to be in good order and professional hair and make up is highly recommended but not required.  Very short hemlines and heavy skin exposure will distract from your face and date your portrait quickly due to trendy fashions. 


  • Young Girls - Dark or muted solid dresses. Light pinks, cream, or off white are also acceptable for younger girls, about 5 and younger.

  • Young Boys - Same as men or a button up solid colored (white will be most timeless) shirt with tie with dress pants. A solid colored sweater is acceptable as well. Lighter colors are acceptable for younger boys about 5 or younger.


  • Everyone should wear the same or similar colors.  Color unifies everyone and creates a greater sense of harmony.

Ballet, equestrian, and musical instruments are also encouraged for your portrait.